City of Brass Announced by Former Bioshock Devs

City of Brass will first release on Steam this fall

Uppercut Games, founded in 2011, has announced their newest title City of Brass.

City of Brass is an Arabian Nights first person rogue-lite, where players will take control of a cunning thief who, with sword and whip in hand, must recover a fabled treasure from the city’s heart.

City of Brass is Uppercut Games’ first title in almost two years.

While trying to reach the center of the city, players will be able to loot treasure to barter for items with genies, and find chests that reward them with new weapons and armor.  Additional features include global sliders that can change enemy behaviors and create new environmental hazards.  Also included is permadeath, making sure that every playthrough is different, forcing players to try different methods of survival.

Permadeath guarantees that no two playthroughs are ever the same.

The studios’ last game they made, Submerged, came out in August 2015.  Uppercut Games was founded by former members of 2K Australia and Irrational Games, best known for their contributions to the Bioshock series.

City of Brass will release this fall on Windows PC, eventually coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next year.

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