Cuphead Confirmed To Not Come To PS4

Looks like Sony is runner-up this time around.

Cuphead Confirmed To Not Come to PS4

Studio MDHR has put their foot down on any chance of Cuphead coming to PlayStation 4.

While speaking to a reader on NeoGaf, the developer confirmed once again that Cuphead will release “as an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive”.  They did point out however that there is a chance that they game may release for Mac and Linux systems sometime in the future.  Studio MDHR did mention that they own the IP, so there is a possibility that a sequel could come of other consoles in the future, if the studio decides to do so.

Cuphead was first announced in 2014, and has been well received for its cooperative side-scrolling style and 1930’s cartoon aesthetic.  The game was originally supposed to release in 2016 before being pushed back to the Fall of this year while maintaining radio silence on any new announcements from the developer.

The team at Studio MDHR has taken a lot of risks and growth to believe in Cuphead

Either way, Cuphead has already become quite the ambition for the developers, especially taking into account the transformations that the company has made in order to meet deadlines and demand for the game.  When talking to Gamesradar, the developers talked about the early days of being a team of three that would work on the game during their weekends. Since then, the original member have committed to quitting their day jobs, refinancing mortgages on homes, and expanding to a team of 20 employees to give more attention to animation and art design.

Cuphead releases September 29th for Xbox One and Windows 10.

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