Playdead Co-founder Discusses Departure From Company

Playdead Co-founder Discusses Departure From Company

Dino Patti, one of the co-founder’s of Limbo and Inside’s PlayDead, has shed some light on why he left the company just over a year ago.

Speaking with Eurogamer a few months ago, Patti talked a bit more in-depth on the circumstances surrounding his decision to leave the company, stating that “there was some kind of fallout” after remaining relatively silent about the issue for the past year.  Patti did mention however that he still is on good terms with most of the current employees at PlayDead.  He didn’t leave empty handed though, as Kotaku reported that Patti walked away from the company with about $7.2 million.  The funds were said to have come via a payout of his shares in the company, which left the entirety of PlayDead in the hands of fellow co-founder, Arnt Jensen.

Patti originally left PlayDead in January 2016, and is now currently working with a new studio on a game called Somerville.


Opinion: It’s always disappointing to see an accomplished developer leave a company, especially after helping to co-found it, and ESPECIALLY after what seems like a lot of conflicting differences between Patti and Arnt Jensen.  From the looks of it, Dino Patti seems to be in a better place now, considering he’s being much more open about the events that had transpired while he was still at PlayDead.

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