Andromeda DLC Rumors Shot Down

Andromeda DLC Rumors Shot Down

Despite putting the franchise on hiatus, Bioware and EA are back at work shooting down speculation about more coming to Mass Effect.

In a facebook post by Sinclair Networks, the company stated that they had been working on a DLC expansion for Mass Effect Andromeda, and that production has now been cancelled.  There had already been reports given to Kotaku in recent past from anonymous developers on the game that aside from multiplayer maintenance and patch updates, all Mass Effect work has been put on the back burner in order to focus attention on upcoming EA titles. However once the post was removed from the company, there seemed to be a bit of confusion. It appears as though the company has never worked with EA or Bioware, let alone helped with the Mass Effect series in any sort of capacity.

Regardless, this all but confirms that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be the first game in the series that is absent of any sort of expansion or DLC.

Opinion: It’s tough to try and sort out what exactly is going on with the “partnership” between Sinclair Networks and the Mass Effect developers.  Nearly everyone that has spoken out about Sinclair has stated that they’ve never worked with the company before or have even heard of them.  Plus, EA is too big of a company to state that they’ve put the lid on series as big as Mass Effect and go against their word so quickly.


Here’s to Sinclair Network’s fifteen minutes of fame.


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