Nintendo Announces a New Classic Console

Nintendo Announces a New Classic Console

Nintendo officially announced today that they will be releasing yet ANOTHER classic console this holiday season.

The retro console, officially named the Super NES Classic Edition, will be releasing on September 29th for the price of $80 dollars.  The console will come built in with 21 games in total, including the never released Star Fox 2.  Other features from the new mini console include an additional controller packed in with the system, along with longer controller cords, one of the more notable negative features from last year’s NES Classic.

Some of the games that are included within the console include, but are not limited to: Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario World, Super Castlevania IV, the aforementioned Star Fox 2, Earthbound, and many more.

Opinion:  Nintendo is gearing up to take control of the holiday season this year.  In addition to a new Mario game on the way, the throwback pack-in console in another great opportunity to win back the fans that Nintendo may have lost from last generation’s Wii-U era.  Here’s to hoping that production for the SNES Classic console keeps up with consumer demand this time around, as any sort of shortage will only continue to disappoint fans.

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